On dieting

So I woke up today with a flat tummy but at this time of the day and after eating 4 full meals, my abs are hiding again.  I have a love-hate relationship with diet. I don’t consider it as bingeing but when my favorite food (and there are a lot of them) is readily available, … More On dieting

Body Issues

I got my period yesterday and it’s making me bloat like hell. My belly and thighs are bigger than usual. Aaargh. This week, I only worked out once since I have been busy with work. I scheduled a yoga class with Urban Ashram so I could use my free pass last Wednesday but cancelled because … More Body Issues

Spinny Pole

I admit, I stalk my pole classmates. Or former pole classmates since I don’t really take classes  these days. I like checking their FB posts about their latest tricks, pics and videos. The posts keep me updated and looking forward to the tricks I will be learning when I take classes again. There is so … More Spinny Pole

Handspring September

Our pole teacher at 360 Fitness Makati made this month Handspring September. The whole month, classes were mostly of handsprings and conditioning for that particular pole trick. When it was announced towards the end of August, I was excited about it. I figured I can take classes since the trick involves upperbody strength and I … More Handspring September

Writing Again.

So it has been years since I last wrote a blog. I never even thought I’d get back to it again. I was busy and did not even have time to write about anything. Until I had a hamstring injury. My life stopped for a bit. I had to forego pole recital and working out … More Writing Again.