On training and steroids

I am back to my regular routine, finally! I’m taking regular pole (static and spinny) classes and in gym, coach had me do a farmer’s walk with 16KG kettlebells. Hamstring feels stronger but I am still scared to perform splitty tricks on the pole. I am really happy with the progress except for one downside this new year: my allergic rhinitis. 

Last November, doc put me on Montelukast which I’ll be taking until February. I have been trying to put off weight for months already but this med is making it harder for me. To add, my mood is spiraling downward, my muscles are getting tired and weaker. I’m trying to fight off all these side effects but sometimes, all I want to do is just lie down on my bed and skip everything, including office work. Gah!


I had back to back classes yesterday and while I’m close to pulling off the far reverse aysha to true grip handsping combo, my arms feel dead after. I still took spinny classes because…well I just don’t wanna miss classes. I wasn’t successful at any trick/combo yesterday which kinda sucks but thinking about it, the fact that I have pushed myself this far is enough of an accomplishment. This January 26, I’ll have another follow-up checkup with doc, I will plead to stop taking meds hehe. 

#poledance #polefitness #workout #allergicrhinitis #corticosteroids #gymrat


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