Body Issues

I got my period yesterday and it’s making me bloat like hell. My belly and thighs are bigger than usual. Aaargh.

This week, I only worked out once since I have been busy with work. I scheduled a yoga class with Urban Ashram so I could use my free pass last Wednesday but cancelled because I was too tired after our Ops review meeting. 

I honestly don’t like how my body looks now. I am at 95lbs, 4lbs lighter since I started working out at the gym, but my body is softer. I don’t eat alot anymore but I still couldn’t get my old body back. Sigh.

So this is how aging feels like. At 35, I don’t look like I even workout at all. It’s unfair how some people can lose weight easily. I have been working out at least 2x a week consistently (except this week) but to no avail. 

Maybe it’s just my hormones talking, I also had negative feelings about my work this week. I hate feeling like this. And seeing everyone upping their game effortlessly while I’m struggling to just live my life. 

Life is unfair.


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