Spinny Pole

I admit, I stalk my pole classmates. Or former pole classmates since I don’t really take classes  these days. I like checking their FB posts about their latest tricks, pics and videos. The posts keep me updated and looking forward to the tricks I will be learning when I take classes again. There is so much going on, I’m afraid my body will take more time conditioning before I can do all those poses.

I especially like seeing my spinny pole sisters’ videos. I love spinning on pole. Nevermind if it sometimes make me dizzy and always out of my breath when our teacher lets us do climb variations for warmups. There is something to it that makes me feel free. 

It’s funny how I seem so light in my spinny pole videos. The truth is, I feel like I am too heavy for my small frame and when I complain about it, no one believes me. 

Lately, I’ve been trying simple tricks on spinny pole at home again and sadly, I am not used to it anymore. My head spinning and is still dizzy hours after I do it. Or maybe it’s because of a different reason. Note to self: have a checkup with the doctor.


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