Writing Again.

So it has been years since I last wrote a blog. I never even thought I’d get back to it again. I was busy and did not even have time to write about anything.

Until I had a hamstring injury.

My life stopped for a bit. I had to forego pole recital and working out everyday. For someone really lazy, yes, I do workout a lot. It’s the only thing I actually enjoy doing. I look forward to leaving work and going to the studio to pole or workout with my coach at the gym.

Having this injury and not getting to do the things you used to do easily sucks. But I am on my way to recovery. Slowly, I am working out again and with this, I thought writing about my journey would fill out the time I would have spent morosely contemplating this injury.

So there. Sometimes life has its way of stopping you and making you reflect on things you take for granted. These are the things I will be writing about in this blog.




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