Handspring September

Our pole teacher at 360 Fitness Makati made this month Handspring September. The whole month, classes were mostly of handsprings and conditioning for that particular pole trick. When it was announced towards the end of August, I was excited about it. I figured I can take classes since the trick involves upperbody strength and I can do without hooking my injured right leg. 

Now, September is coming to an end. I have not even taken group classes again. I did join two of my pole friends for a private class and was able to execute a popout from a fun grip shouldermount. Not exactly flawless but I am pleased with my progress. I can dismount slowly so I guess the core workout my gym coach lets me do works. I still haven’t tried doing the handspring from the floor, though. 

Seeing my pole friends’ photos and videos of their achievements make me happy for them but at the same time, I feel like I am missing out on alot of things. But everytime I think of taking classes, on the day of the class I decide not to go. I know my heart is eager to be on the pole again but my leg isn’t yet. A sad decision yet I know it’s all for the best. For now, I can focus on strengthening both legs, taking physical therapy and waiting it out until my hamstring fully heals. It may take awhile but with this injury, I have learned to be patient and to listen to my body. 

In the end, it will be all worth the wait. I will come back stronger and smarter. 


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